A Palestinian society that respects human rights and in which people live in dignity, free of oppression, and feel that their well- being is promoted.


To develop GCMHP as knowledge- based institution to enhance the capacity of the community in dealing with mental health problems based on the principles of justice, humanity, and respect for human rights.


To develop the mental well- being of Palestinian community through working with three major target groups: children, women, and victims of organized violence and torture.

The main objective s of GCMHP are to:

· Empower vulnerable groups in the society, especially women, children and torture survivors.

· Develop loc al human resources through mental health training programs.

· Provide humane and high quality community- based mental health services.

· Promote principles of democracy and human rights in the Palest inian society.

· Combat the stigma attached to mental illness in the Palestinian society.

Familiarize the international community with the conditions of Palestinians to gain support and solidarity as well as respect f or human rights in Palestine in order to enhance mental health of Palestinians.

Working Fields

GCMHP provides mental health services, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, women and victims of torture and human rights violations.

Children: Since little Ahmad's home in Beit Hanoun was demolished, he doesn't want to play outside anymore - GCMHP professionals provide trauma counseling for him and his family

The children's team provides therapeutic and preventive services to reduce the level of mental health related problems. The team's work includes the therapeutic approach of play therapy as well as community activities with parents, teachers, school counselors, and other professionals working with children.
Advocacy on children's rights is taking place, both locally and internationally, to protect them from violence. For further information, please link: www.gcmhp.net/File_files/Children.html

Fatima, whose husband is in prison, has to raise her seven children alone. WEP professionals provide psycho-social support for Fatima and her family.

The Women's Empowerment Project (WEP) is providing rehabilitation, psychological care and training, and other services to women who come to one of our three centers, seeking help for a wide range of problems, such as health issues, family planning, early marriage or violence against them. In addition, WEP is active in raising women's awareness in political issues such as elections, political participation and other legal and political matters. For further information, please link: www. gcmhp.net/women.htm

Human Rights:
Kamal, an ex-detainee who has experienced torture in prison still suffers from nightmares and fear.
GCMHP professionals help Kamal to overcome his trauma.

GCMHP is giving special consideration to Palestinian victims of human rights violations, particularly those who have experienced detention in prison and its accompanying torture, both at the physical and psychological level.
We strongly believe that there is a correlation between human rights and mental health, because sound mental health cannot be gained under violent circumstances, and human rights will not be respected in a society exposed to ongoing trauma.

To alleviate the impact of torture and organized violence in the Gaza Strip, GCMHP helps victims coping with traumatic experiences; build the community professionals' capacity to deal with the effects of imprisonment and torture and works towards preventing human rights violations. GCMHP staff also conduct visits to prisoners and prison staff to provide counseling. Not only intervention sessions for prisoners are conducted, but also training, education and awareness is provided for officers and staff. Improving the conditions in prisons is part of the campaigns to advocate for prisoners' human rights issues


Community Parents Education Program "COPE"

Community Parents Education Program "COPE"

GCMHP has implemented the COPE program following a specialized training done by experts from PGS....

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Our Community Centers

Occupational Therapy-Rehabilitation (OTR) Centre

Occupational Therapy-Rehabilitation (OTR) Centre

Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP) has created an Occupational Therapy-Rehabilitation (OTR) Centre...

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Ancient Gaza

The Roman Orthodox Church in Gaza City

The Roman Orthodox Church in Gaza City

The Roman Orthodox Church: Is located at al zaitoun neighborhood, the building's background  goes back to the start of  the fifth century, while...

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